Below I am sharing with you my favourite landscape shots I have taken thus far in my amateur career

I have personally takne all of the following pictures and do own the rights to all of them.


This was the view of the pool from our hotel room at the spa La Finlandais.


When climbing the side of Saint-Sauveur mountain this past summer, attempting to find a nice view,I took this photograph of the view.


This was taken at the beaches of Veradero, Cuba. On our trip this past summer we stayed right by the beach.


While spending some time up north, my friends and I came across this amazing hike path in the forst. I took a few nice photos there!


Earlier this year, I was location hunting with some of my friends and came across this peaceful corner of the Poin-Claire village.


This was a favourite of mine, taken from the river, right next to downtown Austin, Texas.